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‘An amusing book, full of humor, about the absurdities in the everyday life of a working mother.’

Eni Rostás, Könyvesblog


'There aren’t any ordinary people out there; if we examine anybody closely enough, we discover that they are unique, exciting and individual in their own way – the genius of Jannah Loontjens is to see people in this way.'

Hahó Grozdits,


'Jannah Loontjens seeks to convey the complexity of female social roles from the perspective of women and identity. The female body and mind occupy the spaces between the characters, providing the essential theme of the novel – to understand, to apprehend.'

Borbála Ferenczi, Könyguru


'The novel is full of ambiguity, recognition, promise, and doubt.'

Katalin Baranyi, Katherine’s Bookstore


‘Loontjens challenges taboos about women and motherhood in literature.’

Ágnes Szucs, Vasarnapi Hirek